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About The PrimeMark Group

The PrimeMark Group provides personalized consulting services to a very select group of clients. By only working with outstanding companies, the firm is best able to utilize the rich experiences of its principals and affiliates.

Can we make a difference? If we are unable to add value to your company, you don't need us. By limiting the number of companies we work with at any one time, we are able to focus on what it takes to provide "game changing" results with your company. We are not just advisors, but are also close confidants and advocates.

The PrimeMark Group is headed by Wayne Slavitt, who brings over 33 years of valuable experience as a business advisor, as well as a principal in several companies, demonstrating a proven track record of success.

Wayne Slavitt-President and Chief Executive Officer

A magna cum laude 1980 graduate of Claremont McKenna College, Wayne began his career with Arthur Young and Company (now Ernst & Young). In 1981, he was recruited to be the Corporate Controller of a newly-formed division of conglomerate Dyson-Kissner-Moran. For the next six years, Wayne held corporate posts as well as line positions as Vice President-Finance for the operating companies that had been purchased. In 1986, Wayne left Dyson-Kissner-Moran once the divestiture of his division was complete.

Wayne then formed the firm that would become The Slavitt Ellington Group (now known as Strategic Equity Group), a boutique investment banking house, serving the middle market. Soon after forming The Slavitt Ellington Group, Wayne was once again recruited—this time to position California Acrylic Industries (dba “Cal Spas”) for sale. The owners of Cal Spas asked Wayne to focus on growing the business. Over the next 18 months, Cal Spas grew from four retail stores to 18. The principals of Cal Spas then opted not to sell the business.

Wayne then was able to return to The Slavitt Ellington Group, providing business valuation, merger and acquisition, and workout and turnaround services. In 1998, Wayne sold his interest in The Slavitt Ellington Group to his partners and pursued similar opportunities in the Inland Empire of Southern California.

As a principal of The Swenson Group, Wayne worked with Pat Price to provide merger and acquisition as well as corporate finance services to many companies in the Inland Empire. Among the many deals transacted by The Swenson Group was the sale of Sundance Spas to Jacuzzi Corporation, along with the sale of several other privately-held companies to publicly-traded firms, as part of several industry roll-ups.

Toward the end of 2000, Wayne and Pat formed a new company with one of their corporate finance clients, International E-Z UP, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of instant shelters. Wayne ran the new company, E-Z UP Direct, and created the e-commerce platform and website to sell the complete line of E-Z UP® Instant Shelters. The company was an instant success, recording strong revenues and substantial profits. In 2006, Wayne and Pat sold their interest in E-Z UP Direct to the two founders of International E-Z UP, Inc., enabling them to focus on their next venture, Allmark, Inc.

Concurrent to running E-Z UP Direct, Wayne was also the Chief Executive Officer of Allmark, Inc., a real estate investment and management company based in the Inland Empire of Southern California. In existence since 1971, Allmark focuses on multifamily investments in strategic markets, providing investors with immediate cash-on-cash returns. As part of the management team, Wayne was instrumental in expanding Allmark’s investments into Arizona and Texas, as well as enhancing the efficiency of Allmark’s operations. At Allmark, Mr. Slavitt coordinated the sale of 10 properties and raised nearly $107 million in debt financing and over $17 million in investor equity for real estate projects, while acquiring nearly $58 million and divesting of more than $92 million in real property. Mr. Slavitt currently serves as Vice Chairman of Allmark, Inc. He is a licensed real estate broker in Arizona, California, and Texas.

In 2002, Wayne formed The PrimeMark Group. While he was involved in his leadership executive positions at E-Z UP Direct and Allmark, he kept The PrimeMark Group dormant. In 2009, Mr. Slavitt re-focused his efforts back to The PrimeMark Group to provide personalized advisory services to the middle market, focusing on Maximizing Business Value initiatives.

Those who have worked with Wayne over the years have said the following about him:

Other Advisers

The PrimeMark Group works with other professionals on a case-by-case basis, bringing in the resources necessary for each specific project.


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